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Botanical Beverage SEIGHT SEIHGT StemCell Formula "A botanical drink that contains a variety of nutrients needed to help keep you healthy"
The intestinal system is functioning normally.  
Makes you feel comfortable all day.


- Cleansing -
Slide Amin ENERGY
AMINO 9 Enriched with the nutrients of Nutritious foods and vitamins needed to help take care of your family's health

"Balance & Body Repair "

- Balancing -
Always Healthy and Active with XTEN REJUVENATE XTEN XTEN Formulated To Assist In Maintaining Health, Beauty and Wellbeing Levels.

"Returning Young Time"

Returns youth & Reverse Aging

- Activating -
Ginseng Vitality Formula


“A botanical drink that contains a variety of nutrients needed to help keep you healthy”

The intestinal system is functioning normally.
Makes you feel comfortable all day.

– Cleansing –

Detoxify the body and ease the digestive system

Helps promote a healthier colon, increases the absorption of water and minerals in the intestines, thereby removing waste products and toxins in the body, and balances the body's pH level.

Improve the immune system

The body's immune system is very important in maintaining health and avoiding disease or virus infection.

Slows down the aging process

Sei8ht has excellent Antioxidants to slow down the aging process, Antioxidants are defined as substances that can delay the oxidation process in the body.

Slimming the Body and Beautifying the Skin

Seight is not only for losing weight but it is effective for stabilizing hormones and also beautifying the skin.

Reduce cholesterol in the blood

Helps lower cholesterol levels in the blood and can also prevent cholesterol levels from rising. High cholesterol levels in the body or blood cause health problems, even at a young age.

Stimulate the Growth of new and Healthy Cells

Stimulates continuous cell renewal and repairs the skin to maintain skin moisture making it soft and plump.

“Cleanliness is a Health Guarantee”

Staying young and slim starts from a healthy gut, a healthy gut makes for good food absorption and a smooth elimination system.



Health Drinks for all ages

AMINO9 Enriched with the nutrients of nutritious foods and vitamins needed to help take care of your family’s health.


Energy Source

Protein intake affects fitness and concentration levels as these nutrients are transformed into daily energy sources.

Repair Body Tissues

Adequate protein intake can help build and repair damaged muscles or tissues.

Strengthens the Immune System

Forming a strong immune system and muscles as nutrients build stable antibodies and can destroy bacteria and viruses in the body.


Through the aging process a person will lose muscle mass and to ensure that the aging process does not interfere with muscle growth.


Increasing protein in the diet and reducing carbohydrate intake help reduce fat tissue.


Protein is important because it can support the process of cell growth, brain development, and blood production in the baby's growth process.

YGF-251 (Young  Growth Factor)

The natural compounds of Phlomis Umbrosa and Commelina Communis which are 6 times better at stimulating IGF-1 secretion (Insulin Growth Factor) and other growth hormones as well as IGF-1 become an important role to children’s growth and anabolic effects such as increased protein absorption and changes in muscle mass in adults.



Returns youth – Reverse Aging

XTEN Formulated To Help In Maintaining A Level Of Health, Beauty And Wellbeing.
“Bringing Back Youth”


Improve the immune system

Protects the body from the attack of organisms or germs that can cause disease. Xten can help strengthen the body from being attacked by diseases.

Increase blood flow throughout the body

Smooth blood flow is very important for the health of the body. These blood vessels work together with the heart and a number of muscles to form the circulatory system or blood circulation. This system will make blood along with oxygen and a number of nutrients to the whole body.

Reduces Pre-Menopause symptoms

Helping to balance the hormones estrogen and progesterone, especially for women, also helps to balance hormones, a calm soul, emotions, controlled feelings and looks young externally and internally.

Reduces Chronic Inflammation

By reducing chronic inflammation also known as low or systemic inflammation, by increasing the defense against some major diseases. In addition, to refine your diet and overall self-care, XTEN can reduce chronic inflammation.

Increase the formation of immune cells

New cells are very important in helping the body fight viral and bacterial infections. Xten can improve the immune system's ability to fight infection and the Enzogenol in XTEN has a very active antioxidant that helps the body fight the formation of free radicals.

Helps improve erectile dysfunction alias impotence

XTEN is very effective in overcoming impotence alias dysfunction and works to inhibit erection better.

“Xten is a safe and effective nutrition for children on the spectrum who have problems with hyperactivity and concentration”

Returns youth – Reverse Aging – EXTEND – ACTIVATE

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